The WWRA supports local community events that are a benefit to resident members and also holds from time to time its own events. Some of the regular events the WWRA have held over recent years have been:

Boundary Walk

This has been a tradition going back many years and is a local walk to mark main ‘ward’ boundaries which is a custom linked to Rogation Sunday in the Spring. It normally starts at the west end of the High Street near KFC, and passes through the countryside to the south of West Wickham, before ending up in old Hayes.

Village Day

The WWRA has attended this event run by volunteers in Blakes Park and have run a stall to support the Friends of Blakes Park in their ongoing fund raising campaign. Usually on or around the May Bank holiday, this fete has grown in popularity since its first appearance on the social calendar and has attracted large numbers of people.

Remembrance Parade

This local event has been supported by the WWRA both in attendance and in funding assistance. Linked with this, the WWRA arranged for the space around the War Memorial to be extended a few years ago with new landscaping to allow for the increased numbers of people attending the annual service at the site.

The Parade usually commences from the carpark behind the Library in the Town centre and proceeds past McAndrews Park.

General Events

The WWRA has held general events to mark various occasions and usually holds a talk or presentation alongside the yearly AGM review. Some of these talks have been on specific aspects of local history whilst others have been presentations by key speakers who have been invited to give talks on topical matters.

Local Action Days

The WWRA has organised action days to tidy up some of the less attractive parts of our local area, the road leading to the Station being one of the ones that has featured a few times in recent years. This has also been supported by help from some retailers and the Council.