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20th July 2021
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11th August 2021

Why Meadows Matter: can you help?

Why is it a good idea to leave some grassland (including parts of lawns and some road verges) uncut during spring and summer before being cut and cleared (on a high cut)?

• Less disturbed grassland is good for soil animals beneath & therefore soil structure, carbon capture & storage, water retention & urban cooling.
• Flowers allowed to develop provide food for pollinators
• Long grass & wildflowers provide:
• food & shelter for many invertebrates including grasshoppers, declining butterflies & moths and their caterpillars.
• opportunities for predatory insects and other invertebrates.
• Invertebrates and seeds in long grass provide food for birds.
• Wild verges can link green spaces.
• Wild lawns provide foraging opportunities and shelter for larger animals e.g. hedgehogs, toads and frogs.
• Grassland insects which fly at night are food for bats.

To find out more see Plantlife’s website at: https://meadows.plantlife.org.uk

Biodiversity and the ecosystem services it supplies are in crisis and we all need to help!

• Ask for some of your local park, school grounds, boundaries of sports grounds and road verges to be managed as wildflower meadow.
• If you have a garden, let part of your lawn grow long in summer
• Contact www.fixmystreet.com & complain to fixmystreet & Local Councillors when verges you value are cut.
• Contact bromleybiodiversity@gmail.com if you know of verges of value to wildlife and people. Thank-you. Bromley Biodiversity Partnershi

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