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West Wickham High Street – Parking Restrictions
20th June 2020
West Wickham Common July Newsletter
9th July 2020

Mailing received regarding Woodland Way gas works

Subject: Information from SGN – gas network upgrade in Woodland Way, West Wickham.

Dear Stakeholder,
I’m writing to you to make you aware of our upcoming project to upgrade our gas network in Woodland Way. This project involves us replacing our existing gas mains and services in the area with new plastic pipe.
Our essential work will ensure your community receives a continued gas and reliable gas supply for many years to come. We’re working closely with UK Government and public health bodies to make sure we carry out our project in line with all current coronavirus safety guidance:
We will start work on 22 June until 21 July in Woodland Way. Our project will be carried out by our contractor WCB Utilities on our behalf.
In order to ensure the safety of everyone around the site it will be necessary to close the road between Wickham Court Road to outside no 34 with access for residents only. A signed diversion will be in place.
We have extra safety precautions in place to protect our colleagues and our communities from the virus. Our colleagues will be keeping to social distancing guidelines on our sites and we’d ask communities to keep their distance too. There’s more information about our coronavirus response on our website:
We’re writing to residents and other local stakeholders to make them aware of our project and explain the details of our work. Please feel free to also share this information with anyone you think may be impacted by our project.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Kind regards,

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  1. Jenny says:

    We live on the Drive in West Wickham. Our Road has had the work done months ago, but has become a Storage/dumping ground for all the surrounding roads. We have been very tolerant and have not complained but the lack of respect from your workers is now getting too much. They park at the bottom of the road and litter all their rubbish on the ground at the bottom of the road near the Avenue it is hugely disrespectful. Sandwich boxes and various fast food wrappers are scattered all over the ground. They open their van doors and just let it fall out on the floor. It is really really not on as we have put up with your vehicles constantly on our road for months!

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