Wickham Commons Newsletter – May 2019

News from the High Street – May 2019
4th May 2019
Councillor Nicholas Bennett elected Mayor
18th May 2019


May 2019

Welcome to the West Wickham Commons Newsletter covering West Wickham Common and Spring Park.


Bats on West Wickham Common

A keen group of visitors joined the ranger on a night time walk in search for bats. These amazing flying mammals use high frequency calls normally beyond the range of human hearing to build up a sound picture of their surroundings. The group used bat detectors which make these echolocation calls audible to humans. Unfortunately it was very windy but the bat detector picked up a pipistrelle bat near the earthworks. Fingers crossed the weather will be better for the next bat walk this summer (date will be advertised soon).


More trees for Spring Park

Rangers and volunteers have worked hard the last couple of months to re-instate the tree nursery next to the office. This month the WWaSP volunteers cleared brambles and nettles around the borders and have added more tree saplings to the nursery.
About 200 tree saplings have been kindly supplied by the Woodland Trust which will provide us with the opportunity to fill gaps along hedges or re-plant hazel and oak in recently coppiced areas.


Plenty of room for dogs and wildlife

The West Wickham Commons are fabulous places to encounter wildlife whilst walking a dog, and we often hear stories of dog walkers coming across a diverse range of mammals, insects and birdlife.
Whilst out with your dog it’s important to remember that you are fully responsible for its behaviour, so please make sure you can always see your dog and know exactly what it’s doing. It should never chase any wildlife or be allowed into areas where signs indicate that dogs are excluded. If you are unsure that your dog will come straight back to you when called, or immediately lie down, you should keep it on a lead throughout your visit.
The best times of day for a wildlife encounter are early in the morning or just before dusk – you may be surprised by what you and your furry come across…


WWaSP Volunteers
Friday 24 May 2019, 10am – 2pm

Clearing brambles from the heath and cutting back footpath vegetation.
Meet in the car park at 10am or on the heathland through the day.

For further information:
Tel: 01372 279083

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