West Wickham Safer Neighbourhood – June Newsletter
22nd July 2018
Spring Park Bio Blitz – Saturday 18th August 1-3pm
22nd July 2018

N E W S   F R O M    T H E   H I G H    S T R E E T


  • AVID DENTISTRY has moved into the former card shop 107 Station Road (http://avidclinic.co.uk/) It is good to see this empty premises finally being used.


  • Welcome to Raife’s Artisan Bakery and Coffee Shop which has opened in the former Ann Allen Florist, 5 Red Lodge Road.  We wish them well with their business.


  • The Kitchen Range, 51 High Street has been running a series of cookery classes for adults and children, as well as offering occasional ‘pop up’ lunches.  The owner Paul Geoghegan says they have been popular and a new series of classes will start in September.


  • Work continues at the old Gi’s to convert to Primo Caffe.   We look forward to the opening.


Street Scenery

Thank you to Bromley Council for the hanging basket displays and colourful flower beds and for the new seat near the Sainsbury’s entrance, Station Road – it would be good to have the nearby two replaced as well.  Thank you also to The Swan for their attractive hanging baskets.

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