Bromley Biodiversity – Toads in Trouble
4th February 2018
Ghost Walk! – Saturday 24th February 6:30pm
13th February 2018

TCV, a nature conservation charity working on behalf of Croydon Council have been working in Threehalfpennywood  for a number of years, looking after the pond, coppicing hazel and clearing evergreens.

For the last 2 years they have been working along the boundary with the Shrubland Estate towards the entrance off Oak Avenue i.e. behind the houses in Copse Avenue . This area was and still is in parts very dark and dense with evergreens. 

Opening up the woodland will make it feel safer and easier for the police to patrol. It will also ease council services clearing fly tips and litter from the woodland, and most importantly it will provide light to the woodland floor which will encourage natural regrowth of young native trees and woodland flowers.

As a result of this work, fires have been lit to allow TCV to manage the debris caused by the clearance works, which they have been provided a licence for by the Environment Agency. 

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