Library and Station Road/Croft Avenue Car Park Proposals

West Wickham Commons Newsletter – June 2021
8th June 2021
West Wickham High Street Pavement Widening Feedback
18th June 2021

Provisional proposals for the Library and Station Road/Croft Avenue Car Park

With respect to its library services and housing supply targets, the Council is planning to undertake a feasibility study into the viability of improvements to West Wickham library and the provision of housing on the car park site. It must be stressed that any resulting proposals will be subject to a public consultation before being put to the Council Executive in November.

The work so far has looked at a scheme that improves the library facilities and retains the current building façade because of its architectural merit. The library also includes new community facilities, a ground floor café, maker space and staffing facilities. In addition, the scheme includes the provision of 26 homes on the car park. To achieve the scheme, the service road to the rear of the properties along Station Road will require improvement and inclusion to make the site feasible – this road would also need to be adopted. If approved, the proposals will be subject to planning applications.

We will keep you informed of progress via our Newsletter, Facebook account and website, including how and when you can make your views known to the Council.  


  1. Jenny says:

    I hope the housing provision will provide a good mix of private housing as well as affordable as I understand the original proposal only included affordable. Placemaking studies have shown that successful schemes should provide an appropriate balance so as not to encourage isolation and social exclusion of the development. Private housing would ensure integration of the development within the community. Please could you confirm the proposed housing tenure?

    • Chris Barnes says:

      Hi Jenny, I’m on the WWRA Committee and I look at planning issues. This was discussed at a meeting last night, which was attended by our Ward Councillors, and it is still not clear about the balance of housing in that part of this project. There is an exhibition of the proposals running at the library until this Saturday (24th July) with the officers available to answer questions. If you can get there, that would be your best chance of getting an answer from the people dealing with the scheme. I’m getting more information from our Councillors and I will post it on this site, on our FaceBook account and in the Newsletter when I can.

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