Bromley Trading Standards Message – Rapid Response Team

Elderly Neighbours
21st March 2020
Road Works – Wickham Court Road 06/04/20
21st March 2020
Elderly Neighbours
21st March 2020
Road Works – Wickham Court Road 06/04/20
21st March 2020

Below is a Communication from Bromley Council

Dear Residents’ Association Member,

At times like this we hope that communities will pull together to help the vulnerable amongst us and there has already been a swathe of offers of help amongst our communities which is always heartening to see. Please be aware that during these times a small number of people with alternative ideas may seek to take advantage of the situation.

We would be grateful if you could share the advice below with your association members, on your website and wider, for awareness as our communities are pulling together with offers of help to those who need it.

Please remain mindful of the following advice at all times:

Seek assistance from trusted neighbours and friends wherever possible, or reputable local charities and churches if this isn’t possible.

·       Only give cash to someone you know well and trust.

·       Do not give your bank card and pin number out to anybody.

·       Plan in advance as online shopping deliveries currently take over 7 days to arrive.

·       Consider alternative delivery services to the supermarket, such as the local milk man (who can deliver groceries as well as milk) or businesses delivering food locally such as ‘veg box’ type deliveries.

If you or someone you know is being targeted by a scammer purporting to be aiding with home assistance, or any other scam then call the Trading Standards Rapid Response Team on 07903 852090.  In appropriate cases, officers from the Trading Standards Rogue Trading team will attend and investigate.

This Rapid Response Service is for Bromley residents only; if you live outside the borough, please contact your local Trading Standards Department through your local council. 

Thank you for your assistance.

Kind regards,

Susie Clark

Corporate Communications

020 8461 7911

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