City of London Volunteers Reception
12th February 2019
News from the High Street
24th February 2019

West Wickham, Spring Park and Coulsdon Commons Consultative Group Meeting

Thursday 24th January 2019 at Merlewood Estate Office, Ninehams Road, Caterham


Senior Ranger Barry Gutteridge’s  report

Review of Annual Work Programme

  • West Wickham, Spring Park and Coulsdon Commons has once again been awarded a Green Flag
  • The entire 16 year chestnut rotation of coppicing is finished
  • A new livestock manger has been appointed at Riddlesdown. Goats have settled in after their introduction before Christmas 2017
  • Rangers had hosted a range of events from bat watching to bio blitz and wreath making. The public were being encouraged to sign up on-line for events through Eventbrite
  • Volunteers had continued with tasks – holly clearing, coppicing, reparing fences, clearing pond..
  • Oak Processionary Moth had been spotted outside the Commons area and reported to Bromley Council.

Part of head ranger Allan Cameron’s report dealt with the provision and management of Dog Waste on the Commons.

  • £28,500 annual spend (£11,000 on bags and gloves alone); this at a time when savings being made in other areas.
  • Difficulty finding contractors to deal with collection and disposal of waste
  • Let down by contractor this year and rangers had to take over job in addition to their other roles
  • Will trial cutting back on bags and gloves
  • Possible reduction of waste bins, dog waste can now be deposited with normal domestic waste

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