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1st April 2018
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7th April 2018

House Sparrows Need Help!

According to the RSPB, UK house sparrow numbers fell 71% 1977-2008. In many parts of Bromley they are no longer present. Studies suggest their decline is due to lack of invertebrates to feed their young, loss of seeds for adults and loss of nesting sites (hedgerows, scrub, thick ivy, house eaves). They live in groups. Listen for their noisy cheeping and please let us know if you see any, how many you saw together and if you think they are nesting. Below is a picture of a male and female House Sparrow (female on the left!).







E-mail the date, place (postcode or grid reference) and number seen to Bromley Biodiversity Partnership:
Your information will enable habitat improvements to be put in place to try and increase house sparrow numbers.
How to Help House Sparrows: maintain thick hedgerows & plant hedgerows of native species, promote wild areas in your local park or garden, feed birds in your garden , put up a sparrow terrace -see If you have a cat keep it indoors between dusk and dawn and use a collar with a bell or ultrasonic device.

Bromley Biodiversity Partnership is a partnership of local groups, organisations and individuals with specific expertise committed to protecting, enhancing and celebrating biodiversity within the London Borough of Bromley.


  1. Peter Honour says:

    I have had several visits from house sparrows in past few weeks. Usually 3-4 at a time. Today there were at least 5. They feed on my bird table/feeders usually in the early morning. Will try to take photos – if you are interested!
    I live in Oregon Square Orpington BR67 8BE

  2. Joe Maternus says:

    I have also had Sparrows near my house this year: they have a nest in my house and they regularly eat at my bird feeder. I live here: BR1 3EN

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