House Sparrows Need Help!
7th April 2018
West Wickham Residents Association
WWRA 89th Annual General Meeting – 20/04/18
15th April 2018


Since 2000 hedgehog populations in England have fallen by more than 50% in rural areas, 33% in urban areas. In Bromley they are now rarely recorded. Hedgehogs live in scrubby areas, hedgerows , gardens and rough grassland. They often range 1- 2 kms every night feeding on soil invertebrates and hibernate in deep leaf litter beneath hedgerows and scrub. Please let us know if you see one!

E-mail the date, place (postcode or grid reference) and number seen to Bromley Biodiversity Partnership at Your information will enable targeted habitat improvements
Bromley Biodiversity Partnership is a partnership of local groups, organisations and individuals with specific expertise committed to protecting, enhancing and celebrating biodiversity within the London Borough of Bromley.

How You Can Help Hedgehogs: have a wild area with some scrub in your garden or park, check for hedgehogs before strimming, mowing or having bonfires, make sure there are holes in fence lines so hedgehogs can pass through, don’t use pesticides, especially slug pellets, make sure ponds have one side sloping so animals which fall in can climb out. Make sure wire or nylon netting is secure or 15cms above ground. For more information see

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