Hayes to Cannon Street Trains to be Axed

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The Secretary of State is looking into re-configuring the network, particularly around Lewisham, and the direct ‘Hayes to Cannon Street’ line is considered ‘a minority service’.


West Wickham Residents’ Association opposes this, particularly as it was not mentioned in the consultation carried out last year. We have written to our local MP asking him to get proposals changed.

Please see the poster in the link below which will be going up around West Wickham

Hayes Trains


  1. Nigel Palmer says:

    Trains have been upgraded, however some stations receive limited day time stops; Eden Park, Clock House, West Wickham.

  2. Mr Francis Glanz says:

    Re Hayes to Cannon Street direct service
    I believe this to be an important part of the local rail network
    I use the service which provides a direct link into the City of London
    It is used extensively by commuters also who are the lifeblood of the network
    I would strongly object to any proposals to axe this service

  3. Helen Jordan says:


    I travel to Cannon Street everyday. The service is very well used with the trains always packed and with people standing Elmers End onwards.

    Changing at Lewisham would increase the number of passengers at an already a very busy station which I would not be able to cope with all the extra passenger trying to get onto a reduced number of trains which could mean waiting for several trains to be able to board- especially annoying if there will only be two trains an hour to Hayes! Alternatively, more people will be travelling to London Bridge making these trains busier and increasing the number of people at the tube station which is already over crowded (and adding a lot to a season ticket due to having to add the tube cost to it).

    There is already an option to travel to Victoria from Bromley South and under these plans there would be no option to go direct to Cannon Street in this areas.

    I would like South Eastern to consult on this at Cannon Street station so the passenger who use the service can get to input. Having just spent million on London Bridge now sending less train through this route does not make sense.

  4. Haidee says:

    They’ve tried this at Beckenham Junction direct to Bedford which carries so many people to the city, don’t let them do this they want to save money in the wrong places, these are hard working people who deserve a direct link to work, even that is interfered with regularly so it isn’t perfect god knows what it would be like going via Lewishan!

  5. Katie Page says:

    How can they say it is a minority service when the trains are packed everyday and it takes ages to exit Cannon St due to the volume of people?! I always get a seat from West Wickham but seats are all full from a stop or two further in then packed standing only. Very frustrating! One of the reasons why we moved to WW was due to direct service into the City.

  6. Adrian says:

    I note that there are Government petitions for other changes within the proposals, how do we get a similar petition for the Hayes Line?


  7. Emma says:

    This would be disastrous – morning and evening trains to/from Cannon Street on the Hayes line are always packed – more so than the Charing Cross trains.

  8. B.V. Edwards says:

    Is this the thin end of the wedge? DR BEECHING IS STILL WITHIN MY MEMORY

  9. Richard M says:

    If my memory is correct, a few years ago the proposal was to axe all the Charing Cross trains and run everything to Cannon St!

    The proposal here now is to run the Cannon St trains to Victoria instead, which hardly makes any sense and would essentially offer a second much slower service to the West End. Even Blackfriars would be better. The only upside would be a direct service to Denmark Hill for the hospitals there, but you can easily get there already by changing at Catford or Lewisham.

    As it is, the thinking behind it is to reduce the number of junction conflicts at Lewisham, but this is scarcely a customer-focussed idea. As well as ending the direct service to/from Cannon St it would also halve the number of trains to/from London Bridge.

  10. william myers says:

    According to that document only 700 people use the Cannon Street trains in the peak hours? When I’m on it there must be that per train !

  11. Brian Cooke says:

    A petition has been started by Beckenham Conservatives. Details are here. In addition Bob Stewart MP is writing to both Southeastern and the Transport Secretary. https://www.beckenhamconservatives.com/Save-Our-Trains

  12. Karen Partridge says:

    It will be very inconvenient for regular travellers. This service direct to Cannon Street is always full at peak times with only standing room. If this is a cost cutting exercise then perhaps reduce the timetable at off peak and or continue with the change over at London Bridge but to stop the direct service altogether is yet another impact on outer London services.

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